An estimated 1.5 million children living on the streets are vulnerable to sexual abuse and drugs on a daily basis.
Only eight percent of children living on the streets in Pakistan are female. Most of them are picked up when they arrive on the streets and then sold off into prostitution for about Rs 25,000 each ($250).
Every child deserves to live in a safe place and caring environment. In one of the poorest countries and most densely populated country, it is a challenge to guarantee most children affection and safety. We at PSC work passionately towards the goal, to support the least fortunate and most vulnerable of children: 
There are two types of street children in Pakistan. Those who start and end their day on the streets while the latter live with their families but are sent to the streets to make money.
The number of children found living, working and begging on Pakistan's streets has been growing despite efforts to provide basic education and aid.


Every day our street workers and street educators are out on the street to rescue children in need of support. Our Transitional Shelter identifies the reason the child has no home and locates possible family members. If family reintegration is no option our Peace Home offers a new loving family environment and offers the children a bright future.

Our Mission
A successful country is built up by successful entities within it and successful entities depend upon successful people, who ultimately arise from children who flourish and succeed.  So, if we want to make our nation prosperous and ensure our position as a developed country in the world, we must pay attention to our children.  We have to start our ambitious journey actively nurturing the development and wellbeing of our children.
If we want to make our nation prosperous we must pay attention to our children.
Undoubtedly our country Bangladesh is currently a developing country and we acknowledge that we have many challenges but with hope in our hearts, the vision of our destination will gradually be realized by multi-dimensional development work. We know we have problems and we are trying to solve them but some of them are so alarming and dangerous that one of them is enough to destroy our country and national goals.  The issue of Street Children is of deep concern to the well-being of our nation.  As children, they are very easily subject to abuse.  Besides this, owing to their extreme poverty, they suffer from various diseases and the effects of malnutrition. Thus, simply to survive, they become involved in dangerous crimes like terrorist activities, drug selling, smuggling, etc.
to survive children get involved in terrorist activities, drug selling, smuggling.
So, we think that it is high time to stop the root causes of our young citizens becoming street children and help those who are currently so vulnerable return home or be given the opportunity to thrive in a safe zone for the betterment of their future.  With the backing of our government, we as PSC think that we should endeavor to free our country of street children and we also believe that with a united approach we will overcome this problem.